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We travel far and wide to gather stock for KASU EMPORIUM to mountains, villages, city slums and crowded bazaars by trains, rickshaws, rickety buses, motorbikes, boats and planes, so there are many stories to tell.

We try to find stock that comes from ethical and fair trade sources, self-help cooperatives, women's groups and charitable organisations dedicated to livelihood delelopment for those living in poverty. We also like to find goods made from organic and non-violent materials when we can.

Each object holds its own story and a part of every sale contributes to changing someone else’s story: at least 10% from each sale goes to someone in need.

Take a look at our blog, the Stories behind KASU EMPORIUM with photos of the makers and their work, how and where we travelled to find our stock, the makers’ statements, the organisations we support and reports of donations delivered.

If you are ready to do even more reading and some armchair travel, check out my other blog, Missives from the Subcontinent.

Happy reading!