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Ajrakh printed cotton scarf S_184

by Indian Artisan and Indian tribal

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Ajrakh block printed cotton scarf from western Gujarat, India.
An ancient craft, the history of Ajrakh can be traced back to the civilisations of the Indus Valley that existed around 2500 BC-1500 BC in western India and Pakistan.
Unlike other processes of printing on cloth, where the colour is applied directly to the cloth, in Ajrakh block printing, the fabric is first printed with a resist paste and then dyed. The process is repeated again and again with different kinds of dyes and different blocks, to eventually achieve the final pattern. The traditional colours for Ajrakh printing are red and blue. This is a rare one in muted tones of olive green derived from plant sources.
This scarf measures 56 x 194cm and is a Fair Trade product.

As with all things made by hand, expect some inconsistencies as proof of the process.

As with all things hand made, expect some minor inconsistencies as proof of the process.