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Eri silk shawl #152

by Indian Artisan


This very lovely and rare shawl from the Himalayan region of India ticks all the boxes for us at KASU:
> eri or non-violent silk - no silk worm was harmed in the making

> hand spun fibres - so fine!

> hand woven fabric - subtly variagated

> fair trade - the artisans are paid well for their labours

> natural dye - from lac and madder root.

Lac - a sticky, resinous secretion of the tiny lac insect, Laccifer lacca, a species of scale insect. This insect is cultivated on Kusumbh and Tesu trees and has been used as a natural dye in South Asia and India since the beginning of recorded History.

Madder root - cultivated as a dyestuff since antiquity in central Asia and Egypt, where it was grown as early as 1500 B.C. Cloth dyed with madder root pigment was found in the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun and in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Corinth. The cultivation of madder needs sub topical climates and prefers moist soil and is cultivated in the foots of Himalayas in huge quantity.

> and beautiful

Measuring 218 x 66cm (not including fringe), this shawl is soft enough to wrap around the neck and generous enough to fling around the shoulders or over a sofa and, of course, warm enough for whatever winter throws at you.

Only one in stock. Probably only one in the country. If you want it, better hurry!