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Hand woven and embroidered silk/cotton shawl S_207

by Indian Artisan

$205.00 / Sold Out

We found this amazingly beautiful shawl in a Fair Trade organisation in Maheshwar, India.

Sheer chanderi fabric (silk/cotton) is bordered with fine geometric woven patterns in subtle shades of black, white and beige with a tiny red accent.

If that's not enough, the sheer central section of the shawl is hand embroidered in the Mughal style Chikan embroidery which was traditionally always applied to muslin so that the shadows of the stitches are seen through the fabric. As if that is not enough beauty in one shawl, there are tiny silver metal embellishments so the whole thing has a restrained sparkle in some lights.

One of the most beautiful shawls in our collection!
I can see this as a bridal veil with character. Definitely of family heirloom quality.

This beautiful thing measures a generous 250 x 83cm and is a Fair Trade product.

In addition to the donation that every Kasu Emporium purchase generates for charity, the sale of this shawl also contributes to education and health programs at the Ahilya School for the weavers' children, Maheshwar.